Amanita Mushrooms

Legal microdose mushrooms -
available in whole caps/stems and capsules.

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Flayvorz - Highly Potent. Highly Tasty.

CaliGold Distro's original in-house brand, Flayvorz, offers highly potent and delicious pre-rolls/flower - a fan favorite in 100s of alternative stores.


Packed with over 1.5 grams of high-quality bud, and infused with 2-3x more distillate than competitors, these delicious pre-rolls are notorious for repeat customers and daily buyers.

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The same tasty and potent flower in Flayvorz pre-rolls, served in eco jars to be rolled or packed. Loaded with premium distillate and terpenes, this flower is a must-have for any connoisseur.

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NEW! SHROOMZ by Flayvorz

The latest house brand from CaliGold Distro, SHROOMZ by Flayvorz uses concentrated mushroom extracts to create unique, dream-like highs that your customers will love.

Dried Mushrooms and Capsules

With whole mushroom caps/stems and powered-mushroom capsules, there are more ways to try Amanita Muscaria and experience its distinct, relaxing effects in mellower doses. 

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